Armstrong Connect

Armstrong Connect is a platform for Service Partners and End Users to connect with Armstrong Fluid Technology. 

The app allows users to: 

  • Register new Design Envelope products for an additional 6 months of warranty
  • Access Quick Intallation guides and I&O manuals
  • Access product videos and information
  • Find an Armtrong office location
  • Link to Performance Management services from Armstrong Fluid Technology
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Caleffi Domestic Water Sizer

Caleffi Domestic Water Sizer allows fast and correct sizing of the main components of domestic water systems. By inserting the specific design data, products suitable for the use conditions are proposed. The app makes it possible to save the design report in PDF format, showing the inserted data, the calculated data and technical documentation with example schematics in attachment.

It is possible to quickly size pressure reducing valves, mixing valves, domestic water storage and expansion vessels.

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Caleffi Pipe Sizer

The WATER AND AIR FLOW HEAD LOSS TABLES, initially available only in printed form, are now available as a mobile app. CALEFFI PIPE SIZER. This application allows for sizing and making calculations for pipes and conduits carrying water or air, respectively for hydraulic or aeraulic plants.
The application's database contains the most common types of piping, grouped according to materials, shapes and most widespread dimensions, and it is possible to set the preferential units of measurement for all physical parameters used.

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Fröling Connect

With the new Fröling app you can check and control your Fröling heating boiler online at any time and from anywhere. The most important status values and settings can be easily and comfortably read or changed via the internet. You can also set which status message you wish to be informed about via SMS or e-mail (e.g. when the ash box needs to be emptied or also for a fault message).

  • Easy and intuitive operation of the heating boiler
  • Status values can be called up and changed in an instant
  • Individual naming of the heating circuit
  • Status changes are sent directly to the user (e.g. per email or push notifications)
  • No additional hardware required (e.g. internet gateway)
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Lochinvar CON·X·US

From anywhere in the world, check operating conditions, receive status alerts and modify boiler parameters, using a smart device. From a single boiler to an 8-unit cascade system, check operating status or reprogram any boiler function. Wherever you are, you’ll be able to control set points, domestic hot water, reset curves, pump controls and more. Con-X-Us mobile connect will keep you in touch and in control.

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Superior Radiant

The Superior Radiant Products App is filled with useful data to assist HVAC contractors and engineers with information on SRP’s energy efficient infrared heating solutions. Gain quick access to: 

  • Product information
  • Application photos
  • Rep locator
  • SRP & industry events
  • Social media integration
  • SRP contact list
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Weil McLain Boiler Bucks

Quickly and easily report your Weil-McLain® boiler installations on-site and submit your homeowner warranty registration. You must be a registered member of Weil-McLain Boiler Bucks™ to use the app.

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